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We are an in-house-run Dominion Lending Centres franchise in Edmonton, Alberta. We have decades of banking, mortgage, and financing experience under our belts. Our mortgage professionals connect with various lenders, such as big banks, credit unions, mono-lines, and trust companies. They have established relationships with them to help you get the best mortgage deal.

We pledge to serve our clients with integrity, and respect and with their best interests in mind. Our clients will receive excellent customer service from our mortgage professionals. Additionally, we are committed to providing the best rates and products available. “We are undeniably a ‘family of experience’.”

We have an in-house alternative lending specialist and licensed credit counsellor who only originates alternative and private mortgage businesses. We help people with bad credit or unusual income becomes homeowners and boost their credit score for future purchases.

At Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage Force, we understand that purchasing a home is exciting. It’s also a comprehensive process.

Our Edmonton mortgage professionals offer proprietary low-interest-rate mortgage products. We use the latest technology and operate a leading-edge company. Our goal is to help you fulfill your dream of homeownership.


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