Commercial Financing


Commercial Financing

Investors and businesses who are looking for quality commercial real estate opportunities, whether they are considering expanding their business or who want to buy properties that can produce an income are going to need to find quality commercial financing.

What Type of Property Interests You?

How do you plan to use your commercial financing? In Edmonton, you will find plenty of options whether you are refinancing to get a better interest rate, or you are looking to buy a commercial property. You can utilize this type of financing for income properties that you want to purchase and then rent out to businesses, for example. You could use the financing for apartment buildings and other types of multi-residential properties, restaurants, office parks, retails stores, retail malls, high-rise buildings, industrial spaces, and much more. If you have a goal and the project is located in Edmonton or another area of Alberta, we can help.

The Dominion Lending Mortgage Force team provides commercial real estate financing to borrowers throughout Western Canada focusing on projects located in Alberta. With decades of experience, we’ve placed millions of dollars in commercial first and second mortgages in Edmonton and throughout the province, as well as in bridge loans and pure equity investments with a wide range of lenders and investors.

For the investor, developer, and business entrepreneur, Mortgage Force has a team with expertise ranging in a wide variety of real estate development and investment properties. Properties that the Edmonton Dominion Lending Centres office has expertise in include: multi-residential properties for the investor looking for the right opportunity; high-rise commercial for the business wanting to expand into that downtown office; and income properties for the investor or business entrepreneur looking to create additional income.

Mortgage Force’s expertise continues on with financing for restaurants, for industrial properties, for self storage, for retail malls, for raw land financing, and for start up financing. The list continues to grow as Mortgage Forces continues to gain more experience as firm offering services as a mortgage broker in Edmonton.

Commercial Financing

Some Examples Of Commercial Mortgage Applications Include :-

  • Multi-residential properties
  • High-rise commercial
  • Bridge financing
  • Income properties
  • Restaurants
  • Industrial properties
  • Office properties
  • Self-storage
  • Retail Malls
  • Start-up financing
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