Equipment Financing & Leasing

Professional Edmonton Mortgage Brokers Also Help You Obtain Favorable Finance And Lease Terms For Equipment

Equipment Financing and Leasing

A leasing professional can help you structure lease financing for new equipment, start a sale/lease-back to extract capital from existing assets, or realize other equipment acquisition opportunities. Many of our lease professionals are also Edmonton mortgage brokers who can use commercial and residential mortgage and property credit line products alone or in combination with lease-financing to help you achieve the best solution for equipment acquisition.

As an organization with local ownership of our street-front locations, you get a committed, local-office presence with a team that understands your market, is in your time-zone, and has community-involvement and knowledge. Our national credit office offers the best tools, underwriting center, and efficiency in the leasing business today.

With leading funding resources, we provide the best opportunity for approvals with the lowest monthly payments. Why rely on only one or two lease-sources when you can have over 30 specialty lease-funding sources in Canada and the United States?

Creative and flexible, Dominion Lending Centres’ Leasing can break up large-dollar transactions into multiple leases across a number of funders to ease and simplify the approval process. Exposure limits are not an issue as we simply move the lessee to additional funding resources when exposure-limits are imposed by each funding source.

Dominion Lending Centres’ Leasing provides a broad range of auto & equipment leasing and financing programs which dramatically increases our capabilities at solving the most challenging equipment acquisition challenges.

Larger financial institutions and banks can prevent many businesses from getting the financing or leasing they need on equipment with rigid terms and policies. The Mortgage Force Team in Edmonton wants to make it easy for these businesses by offering a range of financing solutions that combine easy access to leasing for buyers and sellers. Businesses expect results and with our focus being the customer we work hard to get fast approvals and a financing solution that works best for your business. Our equipment leasing options are designed to help keep your business moving forward. Banks have very strict criteria and it becomes a hassle trying to arrange financing with them so let The Mortgage Force Team help you with your equipment leasing.


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