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Our Story

Our story began when Jody Vig came to Canada in 1989. Her first job was at a bank as a bank teller, this is where she was first introduced to banking and the mortgage industry. Fast forward to 2002, and Jody was in a Sr. Account Manager role at the bank. That year, she convinced her husband Amarjit Vig, a home renovation company owner,  to take up a career in the mortgage industry as she saw a lot of potential in both him and the industry. Amarjit’s immediate success was a result of of hard work, his entrepreneurial spirit, and a booming real estate market at the time. Amarjit found his niche in alternative, and commercial lending.

Jody came across the opportunity in 2007 to become a  commissioned mortgage specialist at the bank she was working at, and seized it. Jody found herself as a top producer in just a few short years. She was part of the President’s Club and proved herself to be an excellent resource for her clients. Jody found her niche in residential mortgages.

Naturally, growing up, their son Sunny Vig had a ton of exposure to the mortgage industry, and he made a decision early on to follow in his parents footsteps. In 2009 at the age of 19. He took took his mortgage course and received his license. This was all happening while he was pursuing his business degree in Management. Although not very active for the first few years, Sunny got some exposure to the industry. After graduation in 2013, he pursued a mortgage specialist opportunity with one of the banks, with an eventual goal to join his mother, and inspiration, Jody.

Fast forward 2 more years, and the idea of working with his mother blossomed into something greater. As a family, they decided to pursue their own mortgage brokerage with Dominion Lending Centres. . Dominion Lending Centres – Mortgage Force was born.  All 3  had their own separate specialty, but shared the same vision.

Now, as a family, they are among the top 10% of agents, and making the dream of home ownership possible for so many Canadians. Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage Force has also blossomed into 21 mortgage associates and one of the largest physical offices in Canada.

When it comes to choosing the right mortgage broker in Edmonton, nothing comes close to the quality and consistency of service from The Mortgage Force Team, your independently-owned, family run Dominion Lending Centres office. DLC Mortgage Force has been assisting clients with home purchases for decades. This experience has also allowed The Mortgage Force Team to deliver excellent service with their knowledge and experience. The Mortgage Force Team will educate you with everything you need to know when buying your first home.

DLC Mortgage Force has access to dozens of lenders including, banks, credit unions, trust companies, mono-line lenders and private financing sources. Accessing the right mortgage and lender is easy for you. Mortgage Force makes it simple and helps you through the financial process of purchasing the home you want.



“Jody worked around the clock to get me the best rate around. She helped me through the whole process. Would highly recommend to anyone.”


Jody and her team were a great help in finding the best mortgage for us. really appreciate the work they do for the client.

Kurtis Briscoe

“I love dealing with the mortgage force team! They are informative, answer any questions I have and guide myself and my clients through the process. They make things so easy!”


“I had a great experience dealing with this company. I was especially thankful that they were able to provide me with a mortgage education. They were also able to get me a better rate with my own bank than I was.”

Judy L.

“When I was asked to do a testimonial, and I was so excited to share my experience. I learned a ton, and felt so involved in the process! I can’t say enough good things about the Mortgage Force Team”

Janice K.

“Great group of people. I can really tell they’re looking out for their clients”

Barry R .

“Being a single mom with rent, groceries, and all the living expenses to cover, I was not able to save up any down payment. Jody was actually able to put me in a program which allowed me to borrow my down payment from the line of credit I had. Thanks to her, I took possession my new condo on Nov 11, 2015”

Kelsey N.

“I wanted to thank them for getting us in the home of our dreams. Its rare these days to experience such quality of genuine care and service. Thank you”

Preet S.

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