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There are generally two ways to get a mortgage in Canada: from a bank or from a licensed mortgage broker.

While a bank only offers the products from their institution, your own licensed mortgage broker have access to Canada’s largest banks, credit unions, trust companies, and financial institutions, offering our clients more choice and access to hundreds of mortgage products.

As a result, clients benefit from the trust, confidence, and security of knowing they are getting the best product for their need, from the best mortgage broker in Edmonton.

Whether you’re purchasing a home for the first time, taking out equity from your home for investment or pleasure, or your current mortgage is simply up for renewal, it’s important to make an educated buying decision with professional, unbiased advice from an expert mortgage broker from Edmonton’s Mortgage Force.

We are the “supermarket” of the mortgage world. More and more home buyers are using the Mortgage Force team, and mortgage brokers to help them with the purchase and refinance of their homes.


Reasons To Use a Mortgage Broker on the Mortgage Force Team

  • Selection of lenders,  products, and mortgage solutions from big banks as well as dozens of other lending institutions.
  • Amazing mortgage rates.
  • We work for our clients, and not any particular lender or financial institution.
  • We represent our clients and their best interests when dealing with lenders.
  • Generally lower rates than the banks.
  • Flexible Schedule and generally amazing service.
  • Expert specialized mortgage advice.
  • Licensed by the Real Estate Council of Alberta.
  • We don’t charge our clients a dime for a standard mortgage transaction.
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