Using A Mortgage Broker

Get a licensed mortgage broker in Edmonton that works for You, not the banks.

Using a licensed mortgage broker is free! They do not get paid more if they find a higher rate for you, which is one of the common misconceptions. Instead, they are paid a finder’s fee from the various lenders, and this is based on the amount of the mortgage, not the rate. Brokers will provide you with their services for free, since they will be paid by the lenders. Contact one of our mortgage specialists today! If you are going to be purchasing a home in Edmonton, you need to make sure that you have a plan in place before you get started. You should make sure that owning a home is the best solution for you, and that is capable of qualifying for a mortgage. Then, you can start hunting for the home that you want.

Using A Mortgage Broker – Residential Mortgage Edmonton

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Using an Edmonton Mortgage Broker

As Edmonton mortgage brokers, we have regular contact with a wide variety of lenders including some whom you may not even know about. We work with lenders who don’t have onerous payment terms buried in their mortgage contracts. Working with a mortgage broker will save you time and fees. We offer our clients unbiased advice, flexible services and pride ourselves to help find the best possible mortgage for your individual situation. Mortgage brokers can keep interest rates for up to 120 days and we get our rates at wholesale, so you won’t have to worry if you are getting the best deal or not while you shop for a house. By having this interest rate for 120 days our clients receive a mortgage at this rate and in some cases can receive a better rate. During the 120-day period if rates drop so do yours but if rates go up yours will stay the same. This ensures that all our clients receive the best rate possible during the pre-approval process.

Using A Mortgage Broker

Reasons To Use A Edmonton Mortgage Broker On The Mortgage Force Team

  • Selection of lenders, products, and mortgage solutions from big banks as well as dozens of other lending institutions. Some which are exclusive to us.
  • Amazing mortgage rates most times better than the banks.
  • We work for our clients, and not any particular lender or financial institution.
  • We represent our clients and their best interests when dealing with lenders.
  • Flexible Schedule and amazing service.
  • Expert specialized mortgage advice.
  • Licensed by the Real Estate Council of Alberta.
  • We don’t charge our clients a dime for a standard mortgage transaction.


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